AWS Certified Developer and SysOps Administrator Associate Exam Experience

So since my post on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam (here), I’ve now completed the Certified Developer Associate, and Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exams.

I found these a lot easier to study for after doing the first exam, as I had an idea of the level the exams were pitched at, and the types of questions which would be on the exam. I didn’t do a post immediately after the Developer exam, because the study I did was largely the same as for the Solutions Architect exam, and this was the same for the SysOps Administrator exam.

Again I used mainly A Cloud Guru courses (purchased cheaply from Udemy), and the Linux Academy courses, accessed for free through Microsoft’s Dev Essentials program. As for the Solutions Architect exam, these helped to give me the basics for the exams, and focus on those areas I was lacking in.

Another good resource is the A Cloud Guru discussions forums (here), where kind people share their experiences about the exam they had, and point out specific areas which should be investigated.

I got 96% on the Developer exam, and 92% on the SysOps Administrator exam, so the methods I have been using are obviously working for me. Next I’m going to move on to the Professional certs; most likely the Solutions Architect exam first, then the DevOps Engineer exam, as that maps more to my day job.

Good luck to anyone looking to do the AWS exams, I have got through all the entry level ones in a little over 2 months from having no experience, so they are not too scary. It’s been an enjoyable ride, and I am pretty pumped to learn more and get the Pro exams passed.


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